Multiparametric Tissue Signature


Automated solid tumor analysis services based on multiparametric MRI

The development of imaging biomarkers is providing new insights into disease behaviour that were not available from conventional medical imaging.

To date, the interpretation of these complex data is mainly performed by qualitative approaches, with a clear gap between the information that is generated, its adequate management, and the knowledge available for clinical decision-making.

Transforming multi-parametric imaging data into clinically interpretable nosological information could make the difference in the treatment planning and diagnosis accuracy.

MTS imaging offers automatic multiparametric image analysis services based on the patented procedure P201431289. These are intended to help researchers all over the world to transform complex multi-parametric imaging data into clinically interpretable nosological information.

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MRI quality improvement by correction of several common artifacts such as magnetic bias field inhomogeneities, noise or patient motion.


Deep learning segmentation based on Convolutional Neural Networks able to delineate the tumor tissues based on multiparametric MRI.


Advanced functional MRI biomarker quantification derived from sequences such as DSC or DCE perfusion and DWI diffusion.


Multiparametric Tissue Signature of the solid tumor combining morphological MRI and functional quantitative MRI biomarkers.

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